Polymer Clay Ambitions and
Twisted Kneads
    My name is Michele, a.k.a. 'luny'. I twist and knead
    polymer clay into all kinds of fun and interesting
    things and hope to pass on this crazy obsession to
    any one looking for a new and exciting way to
    expand their creativity.

    It is a clay that is similar in feeling to the modeling
    clay you played with as a kid but it can be carved,
    shaped, rolled, flattened, painted, sculpted, sanded
    and so much more. Then it can be hardened and
    saved by curing (baking) in a regular home oven. It
    is non-toxic and when used properly, it is safe for
    anyone to use. It is an inexpensive way to open up
    a whole new world of fun and creativity for anyone.
    Let me be open and honest about this right from the start. You will hoard toilet
    paper  cores, bottle caps, recycled tinfoil, broken watches, old keys, tins, broken
    cups and popsicle sticks will never be doomed to the trash bin again. You'll have
    a crick in your neck from always looking down in hopes you'll find some little
    treasure you can add to your stash of "stuff" that you "might" need for some
    project . . . someday.

    If you have issues with dust bunnies under the bed, tend to stress about
    having dinner on the table promptly a 5:00 and shudder at the thought of
    staying up past midnight, then you might want to think twice before you pick up
    that first piece of clay. You will bond with those bunnies, heat up some soup for
    dinner and the clock on the wall just becomes a circle with numbers on it. It is a
    very addicting and fascinating medium so it's very possible that these things
    could happen to you.  If it does, then you're one of the lucky ones!  ; )

Odds and ends from
around the house

Made into some nifty
little tools for claying

An old eyeglass case
covered with clay and
usedas a mini tool case
This Site is for you
    Any project, tutorial, ideas, tips or tricks that you find here are
    free for you to use in any way you choose. If you make
    something you find here and then sell it and make a billion bucks
    with it, I don't have any problems with that. I would be plumb
    tickled if it worked out that way for you. I love working with
    polymer clay and feel that sharing what I have learned from so
    many artists and also my own experiments and adventures will
    help to continue the spirit of generosity and sharing that is so
    prevalent in the polymer clay community today.

    Please note that this applies ONLY to my own tutorials and
    ideas here on this site and not to any of the links that send you
    to another artist's site.  Many artists support themselves by
    working with polymer clay and are copyrighted. Copying their
    work or ideas to make money, without  their permission, is
    unethical so please respect their wishes. Thank you.

    To see examples of some of the things that can be done with
    polymer clay, please visit this online  Photo Album  for some of
    the things I've kneaded and twisted.
Questions, comments, need some help . . . ?

If you are just beginning, want to learn more about polymer clay or looking for ideas or
tutorials I would be more than happy to help in any way I can

Send your questions to  Just ask "Luny"
Please be sure to include "Just ask Luny" in the subject line so I will know to get right
back to you.

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by Mae M. Holley
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    Whether you are interested in making your own jewelry (including custom beads),
    miniature food, furniture and/or dolls for doll houses, picture frames, covered boxes,  
    faux wood, stone, fairy wings or many other things, polymer clay is a tremendous tool
    that can and will tweak and spark your imagination.

    Every craft brings its' own special baggage of 'must have' equipment and supplies. No
    special tools are required for polymer clay other than your hands. However, there are
    those among us that  become obsessed with this clay and begin to gather tools for no
    other reason than we "gotta have it".

    You can, however, make wonderful things without all that "stuff". Start simple ... a few  
    things found around the house will be all you need ... sharp knife, toothpicks, skewers,
    large needles, rolling pin, popsicle sticks, maybe a single edge razor blade ...  well, you
    get the picture. Over the years, I have added to my stuff on an "as needed" basis.
    When all is said and done I still end up using popsicle sticks and needles more than all
    the other stuff!

    When I was convinced that I would ALMOST sell my soul just to hug my clay every day, I
    bought a few choice things ... a pasta machine, some clay shapers, a tissue blade and
    my first clay book by Maureen Carlson - "How to Make Clay Characters".  Since then I
    have added more books, a clear acrylic brayer (roller), a few basic sets of Kemper
    cutters and one clay video,  by Mike Buesseler  - "Making Landscape Canes". He is no
    longer doing polymer clay and has moved on to follow his love of music. When you go to
    his site, be sure to o read his "IMHO" story! He is a funny, funny guy!
It's not always about
the destination...
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