pronounced ... fye-bro-my-AL-gee-ah
Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that affects the
connective tissues of the muscles. Medical people
do not know what causes it and, therefore, it has
no known cure as of yet.

It is not a progressive or fatal disease although it
can cause  depression for many sufferers. The
main symptoms are pain, soreness and fatigue.

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Like a fish
out of water . . .
    Changes in
    Changes in

    A Song  by
    Jimmy Buffet

    Oh but yesterdays are
    over my shoulder So I
    can't look back for too

    There's just too much to
    see waiting in front of me
    And I don't think that I
    can go wrong

    With these changes in
    latitudes, Changes in
    attitudes nothing
    remains quite the same

    With all of our running
    and all of our cunning
    If we couldn't laugh we
    would all go insane

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My story ...
I have always been very active my whole life. I have raised
four children to adulthood, primarily on my own, and working
a full time job (occasionally two jobs) ...if that won't keep you
busy then I don't know what will!

Nine years ago I had a major toothache that just about
brought me to my knees. Shortly after, I became ill with a
virus. I did not know what it was but it was very much like a
bad case of the flu. It seems that I have never really gotten
better.  I no longer have the fever or the sore throat but the
aching, soreness and fatigue are part of life for me. Years
later I was told that, at one time I had the
Epstein Barr Virus.

People with Fibromyalgia hardly ever reach the level four
where you have the "deep sleep" that enables your body to
replenish and repair itself so out bodies are always tired and
it is difficult to focus or concentrate much of the time. Some
days I can take my computer apart and put it back together
again and other days I have trouble remembering basic
passwords. I also have Chronic Fatigue and it sure adds to
the confusion. It is not unusual for people with Fibromyalgia
to also have
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It's a double

When I first started going to the doctor I was told that I was
"just depressed" and I should take some medication. My
aches and pains were catagorized as "arthritis" because I
was "getting older". ( I have had several x rays in the last
few years and I do not have any arthritis.) They gave me
Zoloft. It did not improve anything. It did not work on my
depression because I did not have any depression. You just
can't fix something that ain't broke. I still had days and even
weeks of pain and fatique that was putting a real dent in my
active lifestyle. Let;s try another doctor ...

They gave me
Vioxx ...and it worked miracles. I was out
hoeing the garden in two days! After the first week I began
to feel a strange feeling in my head (like pins and needles)
and the doctor said do not take any more Vioxx. It was
messing with my blood pressure which had always been
normal. So much for that but it was amazing how great I felt
for those few precious days!

So now my plan is to just go with the flow. Some days I am
the queen of couch potatoes and some days I can even
catch up on laundry and cook a nice dinner. If I wash the
dog or the floors or vacuum or do grocery shopping I can
end up feeling like I've got the flu from hell again. You just
have to take your chances and do what you have to do
because life is not going to stop just because you feel too ill
to participate.

I cannot pick up my grandbabies. I cannot walk for daily
exercise because of a ruptured nerve in my back end. I
cannot go to visit family or friends. I cannot promise
anything because I may not be able to keep it. I cannot help
myself to help myself.

What I CAN do is be thankful. I can be thankful that I have a
comfortable place to rest my head when I feel my worst ...
food to nourish my body and people that truly love me to
nourish my soul. When I am sick and tired I am able to find
the time to rest because I do not have to work or tend little
children. I have a husband that may not understand why I
feel the way I do but does not make me feel guilty for how I
feel. He is the best medicine I have because he knows what I
go through is real and he is always there to help in any way
he can.

They are working on some medication for Fibromyalgia that
will be available in 2007. I have just had a check up at the
doctors' and I have been given "
Cymbalta" to try on a trial
basis. It is for depression but the doctor said she has been
trying it for her Fibro patients and she is seeing some very
good results. I have not tried it yet as it can have the side
effects of nausea, constipation, dry mouth and drowsiness ...
I think I'll just keep the fibromyalgia and stick with the
problems I am already familiar with until they come up with
something better!!

Meanwhile ...I have a great obsession for creating things
with Polymer clay. It provides hours of enjoyment while
letting my imagination wander out of self into another whole
world where aches and pains are mere annoyances.
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Fibromyalgia Information

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