Twisted Kneads  
Let's make a  Picnic Basket
What you will need

Small block of wood *
Gold clay and pinch of yellow and brown clay
Orangewood  cuticle stick
Small piece of parchment or plain paper
Click on photos for larger image

I have used a 1" wide  x 3/4" deep little block of wood as a form for this lesson. See below    
for other things that can be used to form the basket.

1. Cut a piece of paper to fit around the piece of wood and tape in place.
Blend gold clay with a pinch of yellow clay and condition properly and roll into a long    
snake of clay. (the long thin stick in the photo is an orangewood stick)

2.  Wrap gold clay around wood form approximately 4 times and cut off any excess clay.
Press gently to adhere the clay rows together.

3.  Use orangewood stick to make 'basket' markings as shown.

4. Carefully slide the paper off the wood block with the clay still attached. (This will help to  
keep the shape of the basket without a lot of distortion.) Or you can gently remove the
clay from the form and reshape it on the baking tray as shown below in # 5..

5. Bake at 275 for 25 minutes and let cool. You now have the base part of your basket
6. Roll a snake of clay the same color as the basket and roll into an oblong coil a little larger
than the basket frame.

7. Take your baked basket frame and press firmly into the coiled clay without pushing all
the way through the coil.

8.  Cut excess clay from around the bottom of the basket.

9. Run blade under basket to remove from surface and flip basket over as shown in photo
# 9. Smooth the sides at the bottom and make sure the base is adhered to the clay. This
is the bottom of your basket.

10. Flip basket over and you have the main base for the basket.

11. I didn't show the picture for making the handle but all you do is take two small snakes of   
      clay and twist them into a 'rope' shape, Cut to desired length and adhere them to your
 basket and finish baking.
Polymer Clay Ambitions and
NOTE: I have since found different and more simple ways to make
various baskets and hope to share them with you when time allows.