Polymer Clay Ambitions and
Twisted Kneads  . . . a creative day
THIS is a very unusual day ... a productive day! Wow! How the heck did that happen? Since this is such a
rare occasion I hope you don't mind if I share ...
Started out the day baking
some clay out in the garage
Into the ice water dunk with the
some of the first batch. What?
You don't see the ice? Could
be that it's about 100 degrees
in the dang garage, lol!
Success at last!
Finally got these critters baked
 ... only been sittin' on the
baking tray since last October
Got the mini tool holder sand
castle baked so now my
needle tools have a
permanent home.
Back to the work table. Didn't
plan on taking a picture so this
is what it REALLY looks like
most of the time.
"Sea glass" ... messing with
the colors. I still think it's a bit
too dark and not transparent
enough but, hey, glass comes
in all colors, right?
Playing with design. Been
wanting to make a 'big',
chunky  thingy and while this
is pretty plain I like it. Maybe
use some small crystal accent
beads in a 'beachy' color.
Today our City-O-Clay Group
was discussing  "looking to
nature" for inspiration which
was kind of scary as I had
already been out taking
pictures of the color explosion
in our front yard before I read
any emails. Spooooky, lol!
These Bromeliads are so
colorful. I would so love to
make a mini or a clay  cane of
them ... yeah - like it took me
10 months just to get the
Halloween stuff baked. Who
am I kidding?
Awesome example for color
Another tool holder finished!
Started working on this design
from the new batch today.
Finished these two pieces.
Bracelet is done on memory
wire and was easy to make.
MOM ... ain't it time to quit?
Thanks so much for coming to visit and sharing my day
hugs, Luny