I've got an extra guest room where I put all my clay stuff
and there's a sign on the door that says "Clay Cave".
That's it.

"Studio-ish" is as close as it gets.

And you can trust me when I say I am  totally content with
that. There  was a time when all my stuff fit in a shoe box
and I worked on a TV tray.

Things changed  . . . life is good!
Topping the chart of favorite things in my Studio-ish is my sidekick, manager, partner,
soothsayer and all around best friend . . . a tiny little critter called Mandy.
She runs the show. We're joined at the hip, so to speak, as where I  go she goes.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hubby calls her "Mama's little wart" but he's so swell about other things I let it slide. She's
sweet natured, lovable and hugable . . . did I mention life is good?

The West wing

Communication Central. Where all the important browsing, blogging,
and email answering gets done.  Yes, the computer is a bit archaic
isn't it? I have a brand new one that has been sitting in a another room
for well over a year . . . that should let you know that I can rightfully
claim the crown of procrastination Queen without any fear of challenge!

The East wing . . .

Containing the library and study. Hey, I don't need any snickering
going on out there you guys. You're just jealous of my gorgeous faux
leopard print chair. Picked up at a thrift store for five bucks and
covered with fake fur and, hey - it ROLLS too -- just slap me happy,

The Lounge

The contemplation area, complete with remote controls, cushy pillows,
cozy blankets and, of course, a place for the fuzzy princess.

Entertainment Hub

Need I say more? Does this scream "Get a life?"
Actually, after you have survived raising four kids and 45 years of
steady employment and have 11 grandkids and 2 greatgrandkids I
don't NEED to be entertained... I've partied and danced and pranced
and celebrated enough ... contentment - priceless!!

Production Area . . . CCC (Compact Clay Center)

Ah yes . . . now we're gettin' to the good stuff! It looks organized and it
pretty much is - right now anyway - I knew there'd be some picture
taking going on.

Thank goodness for plastic storage stuff, lol!
  Hands on work space
Isn't this just the most pitiful picture you've ever seen?
So tidy and sterile. After I tidied up this space it looked alien to me.
Nothing laying about to pick up and shape, squeeze or smush or tempt
the senses. Took me a week to recover.

Don't do this at home.

UPDATE Feb. 1. 2009 at bottom of page to see how it really looks
when it's "in use".

Close up of clay storage and
the mosaic bowl I finally finished.

Stuff around the perimeters
My good buddy "daffy Duck" and
some little minis I've finished.
The Dragon
"Party" awaits
Works in
New Starfish pin and
earrings ready to assemble.
One of the very first set-ups.
I really liked it this way because it worked but
it looked pretty jakey.
Let's do it again ...
nope, this ain't it either.
And yet again . . . no wonder I don't get
claying done. Too busy moving stuff around
UPDATE . . . Feb. 1. 2009
Ahhhhh . . . now THIS is much better. Thought it might be a
good idea to show a pic of what my mess really looks like, lol!
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Okay, Okay . . .  so who am I kidding here?  Studio???
Luny's Studio-ish
Without further ado let's mosey on and take the grand tour, shall we?
I reckon that's all the foolishness ya'll can handle for now. Don't blame me. This all started out with the City-O-Clay  
group when
Nora Jean challenged us to "stop and take a snap shot of our workspace right now" and she would post it
on her website. Given a free chance to show off of course I zipped a photo right off to her. You just gotta check out all
photos of the interesting work spaces other artists shared with us.

Then, a great blogster, Kylee Milner at  
Bijoux & Banter , tagged me for studio snapshots and that cinched the deal for
me. . .  I just had to make a work space page!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!