To the amazing Citizens of City-O-Clay
Wishing each and everyone of you at
City-O-Clay a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

For many years it has been an honor and a
privilege to be a part of the most generous,
caring and talented group of people I have ever
known. You are ever present in my life and it is
a gift that I cherish.

You have taught me, encouraged me, hugged
me, praised me and put up with my silly humor
all these years . . . without fail. You are steadfast
and true to the very reason why we gather here
together as we do and I give thanks for having
you all in my life.

My wish for you is that you have food for your
table, loved ones to share it with and a soft
place to fall when that 'last' piece of pie finally
does you in.

If you are going "over the river and through the
woods" to Grandma's house (or any destination
for that matter), drive carefully and return home
safely - we need you!

My hope and prayer for all of us is that no
matter where life leads us, we will always strive
to remember that there is something to be
thankful for, no matter how small it may be.
                                         Love, luny           
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