Polymer Clay Ambitions and
Twisted Kneads  ... Made for Swaps

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Tiny Things Swap
Seems like I always go straight to the tropical
stuff or maybe I just 'think' I know what fruit looks
like and felt safer working with familiar stuff.
Naw ... it's the tropical 'need' in me, lol!
Faux Stone / Gem / Rock Swap   
This swap had me stumped. I tried making Jade
"Greenmen" pendants with faux pearl and Lapis
Lazuli. The Jade color looked better before it was
baked but turned darker afterwards. Live and
learn!  I did like the Lapis Lazuli so I made some
heart pendants. My husband said the pearls
looked "real" so that made me feel better! lol! I
made a necklace with the leftover clay.

Beach Vacation Swap   2007
Made mini frames and used real shells to make
molds for the shells on the frames. I used old
charms (seahorse, starfish, fish, etc.)  and
pressed them into the clay to make the other
decorations. The frames are about 2" x 21/2" in
size. I cut out little lighthouses from a small
calendar to use for the photos ...I lust to live in a
Summer Swap  2006
Ah, yes! My favorite subject! I had a lot of fun with
this one and, as usual, couldn't decide on one
idea so I made a bunch of stuff.
Bug Swap  2006
Couldn't decide what kind of bug to make so I
made all different kinds of bugs ...mostly
"imaginary" ones.
Mini Food Swap   
More bunches of stuff due to indecision. I just
have a hard making the same thing over and over
again! lol! The little clay baskets with oranges are
about 1" x 2" ... I made tiny oranges and used
some recycled mesh from a produce bag to
make "bags" for the 'Florida' oranges! Yes, those
ARE some dang big Oreo cookies which doesn't
exactly fit the scale size!
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