Polymer Clay Ambitions and
Twisted Kneads    . . . Sweet Stuff
Let's make a basic little white cake with two layers
and white frosting to start with and then we can see
where we can go from there ...
Mix 3 parts Dark brown clay with 1 part black clay and add a
pinch of gold clay ...condition and roll into a ball. This will be
the Chocolate cake part. Set aside.

Condition white clay and roll into a round ball. This will be the
frosting. Set aside.
Picture of clay ratios
choc part and white
Slightly flatten the white clay and put through pasta machine on
"#1 (thickest) setting. Cut this piece in half and stack as shown.
Use a circle cutter or bottle cap to cut out two circles. (You can
use any shape you choose - square, rectangle, heart, etc. I'm
just making a simple round cake to show the basics.) Set aside.

Roll chocolate frosting on # 4 setting. Do not stack. Cut out two
circles with the same cutter you used for the chocolate part of
the cake.

Take one WHITE cake circle and stack one chocolate circle on
top of it. Stack another white circle on top of chhocolate circle. It
should look like the photo on the right. This is the basic cake

Roll out a piece of chocolate clay on the #4 setting. Cut a long
strip that is long enough and tall enough to fit the
circumference of you cake base. Wrap the strip around the
cake and cut off any excess you may have. Smooth all seams.
Picture of stuff rolled
through pasta machine

White Frosting
and cut outs

Photo of cake

Pic of white strip
and wrap
and smoothing
Now you have a basic white cake to decorate anyway you
choose. You can add some little leaves, vines,flowers or
whatever pleases you.
Pic of Basic
To make some tiny rose buds ... roll a tiny ball of clay, flatten it
and roll into a little cone shape. You can add some more tiny
petals if you wish ... roll a tiny ball of clay, press it flat, cut it in
half and add to the outside of the rose bud as shown in pic.

For the leaves ... roll a tiny piece of green clay into a cone
shape, flatten slightly and pinch one end to a point to make a
leaf shape.

Add to top of your cake and add a little vine if you choose.

You can add a decorative border around the top and bottom of
your cake. You can take some colored bits of clay, roll then into
very, very tiny snakes, bake them and then chop them all up to
make confetti or 'sprinkles'. The options are endless.

This is just a very basic lesson. There are so many things you
can do to make all different kinds of cake. You can make a
really good wedding cake by just using different sized cutters
and stacking the graduated sizes - or even use different
Rose bud ball
flatten and roll into coil
Roll ball,
flatten - cut in half

Pic of petal around
rose center.

Pic of leaf

Top of cake with
vine and leaves

on cake

Wedding cake
Here are some links that you can check out if you would
like more advanced ways to make decorations...

Large full-petaled rose
Can be adapted or made smaller but the basics are there.

Leaf cane
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You will need

White Clay
Black Clay
Pinch of Gold Clay
Dark Brown or Sienna Clay
Scrap of colored clay for plate
Scrap color clays for flowers
Round cutters

Since I have been procrastinating about getting the picture part of this tutorial
completed I would like to share with you ...
My Favorite Cake Tutorial

It is a very real looking cake and it just makes my mouth water . It is a bit more
complicated than the one I have but at least it IS a COMPLETE tutorial! Enjoy.