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Business Layout and Design Elements
The Key is keeping it simple  . . .
Many decades of working in the paper publishing media have taught me the few key elements that are essential to
insure a well designed layout. It's not necessary to know everything to prepare an appealing and well-balanced look to
anything on a 'flat' surface . . . business cards, web pages, brochures, hang tags, billboards, etc.

Do you have a layout design that you are having trouble with and just can't get it to look right? I'd be pleased to look it over
and see if I could be of any help to you. If you would like any help
creating a design or would like a logo designed for you, I
can and will do it for you
without a fee of any kind. No, I'm not dumb as a stump just because I don't want money for
services rendered - I love the challenge of creating a good design and with almost 40 years of working in the business I'm
pretty good at what I do and could charge a huge fee for one simple design but that is not going to happen here. Let's just
call it "paying forward".

Michele  if you have any questions or would like to have some design help . . . please include "Business Design"
in your email subject window.

With just a few basic things that are shown here, you can create your own professional designs.
The background in this photo is of
no importance to the image. It is a
very large photo with lots of wasted

It is also taken from a distance
making it difficult to see any details.

This photo has been cropped
deleting as much of the background
as possible plus it is a much clearer
photo and shows better detail.

It may still be a large picture but it
shows the object itself and not a
useless background.
Polymer Clay Ambitions
and Twisted Kneads
Fairy Hollow
All things Fantasy


Sally Dewdrop
444 Flyaway Avenue
Fairyway,State 123456

These are
two samples
of a basic
card design.
All things fantasy
Fairy Hollow
444 Flyaway Avenue
Fairyway, State 123456
Sally Dewdrop
FAX _______________Cell_________________
Website _________________________________

    The above layout may certainly get your attention
    with all the jazzy colors but is the name of the
    business "Fairy Hollow" or "All Things Fantasy"?

    There are many errors ...

    The picture is "facing out", pulling your eyes away
    from the information.

    Too many colors

    Too many type faces (fonts)

    Too much bold type

    "White space" is unbalanced

    Address, fax, etc are so small they cannot be read
    unless you have a handy dandy magnifier in your
    back pocket.

    Simply put . . . it does not "flow" ... it confuses the

    The above layout is simple, clean and easily read. The
    company name is clearly defined.

    The MOST important information is instantly recognizable,
    the NAME and PHONE.

    It has all the information that the other layout has without
    all the confusion.

    The "empty" space around the outside of the card 'frames'
    the info and therefore, is not considered 'wasted' space.
    This is called "White Space" . . . and your best design

I will add more tips as I think of them but the few tips on this page are
really the basics of good design and there isn't a whole lot more that you
would need to know to make a good web design layout, a business card or
anything that requires a clean and pleasant design.

If you have anything you may need help with and you don't see it here,
please email me ...
A simple tip for good photo display .... CROP your photos!!!